Division of Archives and Records

The Division of Archives and Records is part of the Office of Archives and History and the North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources. The name “Archives and Records” reflects the dual role of the division: to provide guidance on the preservation and management of government records to state, county, city and state university officials; and to collect, preserve and provide public access to historically significant archival materials relating to North Carolina. The first role is handled primarily by the Government Records Section, while the second is the focus of several specialized sections, which are collectively called the “State Archives of North Carolina.

The Division of Archives and Records also includes two regional archives: the Outer Banks History Center, located in Manteo, N.C., and the Western Regional Archives, located in Asheville.

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Sarah Koonts

Director of Archives and Records

team member two

Andrea Gabriel

Outreach and Development Coordinator

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Christine Botta

Adminstrative Secretary

team member four

William H. Brown


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Debbi Blake

Section Head

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Chief Financial Officer

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